Link: https://www.toolbox.com/marketing/social-media/articles/what-is-social-media-marketing/

The Guru’s takeaways:

Wow, this is one daunting article on social media marketing for the average small business owner to read, comprehend, and then enact.

The average small business owner barely has enough time for lunch, let alone studying best practices for social media, building a strategy, and then analyzing. Good luck!

At the end of the day, Social Media is a necessary even in 2020 and beyond whether you like it or not. We hear from many clients that they simply hate some of the 800 lb gorillas in the space like Facebook and Twitter. We feel your pain! But like it or not, that’s where billions of eyeballs are on every single day, 365.

So put social media marketing to work for you. It’s another fantastic avenue to have your business seen by your customers and potential customers. The biggest challenge is time and we advise our clientele to spend their precious time on doing what they know how to do best – grow their business.

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