Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2022/03/31/metaverse-continuum-4-technology-trends-everyone-must-get-ready-for-now/

The Guru’s Takeaways:

The Metaverse is a very new technology that probably very few really understand. Frankly, we still are confused as to how it will all play out. How will the metaverse develop for digital marketing for our small business clientele? We are confident that the metaverse will play an increasing role in many professional small businesses such as law. Instead of phone calls or 2D conversations over Zoom, imagine an immersive 3D conversation with your client–like you’re sitting right beside them.

Until the metaverse plays out, small businesses should always be focused on adding new customers, clients, or patients. Guess who is the best referrer of business on the planet? That’s right, Google. Contact us today to find out how clickguru’s digital marketing program can make your phone ring.

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