The Guru’s Takeaways:

Change is always hard, especially for small businesses that are comfortable with a certain way of marketing their companies. We hear it all the time – “Digital isn’t for us” or “Our business is all referral-based” or “Our clients don’t really care about Google or social media.” For clients that join the clickguru platform, we often disprove the above three points very quickly. 1. In the post-pandemic world, digital is for everybody – more searches for products and services are done online than ever before . 2. Referrals will never go away, but Google today is the biggest referrer of business on the planet. If your business doesn’t get referred by Google, another is. 3. Your clients may not be on social media, but it’s part of Google’s checklist.

Some of the other roadblocks suggested in the article are certainly valid as well. Organizational change is often easily overcome through education and statistics. Budget is a huge misnomer in the digital marketing space as small business owners believe they need to spend significant dollars to achieve page one of Google success. Enter clickguru – with a full suite of digital marketing tools and dedicated account management we make marketing dollars go further, much further. Find out today why clickguru is the choice of small business owners for Toronto digital marketing and across North America.

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