The Guru’s takeaways:

This article gives small businesses several good ideas on how to revamp or make their companies more efficient in these trying times.

The most important point is probably the last one – make sure that your marketing spend is efficient.

First, ads in publications. We’ve never liked this concept in the first place – nearly impossible to calculate views, conversions, and ROI. In the new world that we live in, customers are relying more on digital more than ever. We suggest removing all ad spend from physical publications, especially for the average small business.

Second, trade shows. As most if not all shows will be cancelled in America, it’s important small businesses allocate their marketing spend in other areas to continue to enable growth.

Our suggestion? Focus on getting your business to page one of Google – the biggest referrer of business on the planet. If you do a bunch of small things right every month, you’ll begin to see results – more traffic to your website, more phone calls, and more closed deals.

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