The Guru’s Takeaways:

Once again, we find it both interesting and convenient that the media spins social media as the holy grail for marketing efforts. In a way, they are right – when it works, it can work really well.

There are certain businesses that social media marketing can lend very well towards. Unfortunately, we continue to see higher marketing costs and more muted results as most businesses big or small believe that they need to be chasing the holy grail. We also believe that social media marketing spend for professional services like dentists and lawyers could be better served elsewhere.

What do we mean by that? What sort of dental marketing or legal marketing in Toronto, for example, does it take to convert users? Well, we strongly believe a more holistic, organic approach is more important than throwing marketing dollar darts on social media. Dentists and lawyers that use our marketing tools end up having their phones ring with clickguru’s laser focused marketing approach.

In a nutshell: elegant websites (that don’t break the bank) + better reviews + website activity (think blogs) are three of the key metrics that we believe helps drive Google’s algorithm and allow our dental and lawyer clients appear on Page One of Google.

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