Did you know that email campaigns offer a higher ROI (return on investment) than any other marketing channel? That’s right, email is a highly influential means of marketing, and if you aren’t using it already, it’s about time you did. However, before you start shooting emails to everyone on your client list, you need to learn how this marketing channel works to derive maximum benefit.

As experienced experts in digital marketing, clickguru has a thorough understanding of the dynamics of email marketing. After thousands of campaigns, we have learned how clients perceive business emails and how they react to them in different scenarios. Moreover, our findings have shown us exactly what they want to see in business emails and how often, helping to improve email quality and click through rates. To help you benefit from our findings, we have listed a few tips on how to use email campaigns to grow your business.

1. Be relevant
Many small businesses today either do not use email campaigns as part of their digital marketing efforts or are using it incorrectly. If you don’t use email marketing, you aren’t using the full potential of your customer database, and you could lose your clients to your competition. If you do use email campaigns as part of your digital marketing, you need to ensure that you’re sending out the right content.

It’s essential to pick subjects that vary across topics and interests. At the same time, you need to understand that not every email should be about pushing your latest products or services. Your clients value your opinions and plan to follow you as long as they can benefit. For this reason, don’t try to sell to them with every email newsletter. Instead, add value by talking to them about an exciting industry trend or amaze them (we’ll explain how a little later).

2. Be timely
Do you know how often you should send out a newsletter or an email campaign? If you don’t, your email campaigns could be hurting your business, or they could be doing nothing at all. After testing thousands of different iterations of email campaigns, our marketing experts have found out the optimum number of newsletters you should be sending out.

Based on our research, we have noticed that as part of your email marketing efforts, you should avoid sending out your email newsletters too often. On average, newsletters should be sent out once every two months or six times annually. This is an ideal number to follow if you want to optimize open and click-through rates.

What time of day you send you newsletters is also critical to determine the success of your email campaign. Most businesses tend to send out their email newsletters either too early or too late in the day. Instead of following this pattern and clogging your subscribers’ inboxes, send your email campaigns at a more opportune time. That is when your clients have the time to check their email, which is usually late in the morning, just before lunch, or between 2 and 3 in the afternoon.

3. Don’t sell every time
While selling is essential, it shouldn’t be the sole objective of every email campaign. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t send emails to advertise your latest and most excellent products and services. You most certainly should. However, spread these emails out, so you’re only sending sales-oriented emails two to three times per year, maximum!

4. Amaze your clients and subscribers
When’s the last time you received an email where a business offered you something absolutely free? Either a long time ago or probably never as these types of emails aren’t a priority. However, you’ll be surprised by the vitality these types of emails create. At clickguru, we believe that emails that amaze customers should be sent out more often to show subscribers that you appreciate their loyalty. These emails can include a simple giveaway like a dinner, an outing, or a trip to thank a customer for being loyal to your brand.

5. Let us do the heavy lifting
While email campaigns are highly effective in building a loyal consumer base and boosting sales, they are also very time consuming to create. Besides preparing marketing and loyalty concepts, you also need to design your emails with attractive themes, text, and images, which takes a lot of effort to perfect. If you don’t have the time or wherewithal to build an email marketing campaign and regularly send out newsletters, we are happy to assist.

At clickguru, we help you build content, design newsletters, and also send them off regularly on your behalf. All you’ll need to do is prepare to receive more emails from your customers and close more deals.

As a leading digital marketing firm in Canada, clickguru offers you the best services to meet your marketing needs. We are passionate about helping your small business grow, and we have just the solutions you need to succeed online. We research your industry and competition, then help you design a marketing plan to boost your relevance online. To execute this plan to perfection, we also provide you with the necessary tools to stand out and build a business that’s modern and relevant.

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