In theory, selling products on Amazon should be relatively simple. After all, you have over 300 million sets of eyeballs on the platform every single day, without any need to deal with customers and enable sales 24/7. All you need to do is list your products on the Amazon marketplace through a few clicks, a couple of images, a handful of product descriptions, and you’re done! You can now start selling on Amazon.

However, this is where the simplicity ends. While your products may now, in fact, be “listed” on Amazon, it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever be found unless someone is explicitly making the effort to search for them by name.

Trying to sell products on Amazon alone guarantees three things:
1. Amazon members and storage fees will build.
2. There will be no revenue of significance.
3. You will be frustrated.

We see it time and time again – small and large businesses alike delay selling on Amazon or try to do it on their own. The result? Amazon becomes more competitive each week that passes and these businesses become further behind. In the new COVID-19 world we live in, Amazon is now more important in all of our lives than ever. So how do you get ahead on and beat your competition that’s continuously growing?

Our team at clickguru has built a proprietary tool that makes products gain traction on With this tool, it’s just a matter of when your products will gain traction. In the last ten years that we have been assisting Amazon sellers, we have helped build our clients many multi-million dollar businesses. Our formula for selling on Amazon is product and industry agnostic.

The most important facet to building a great listing on Amazon is understanding your competition – what they are doing well and not so well. Through our proprietary software, we thoroughly analyze your competitors, which allow us to build bigger, better, and stronger listings for your products. Combining this with our proven methods for garnering reviews and treating customers like gold, we can help you build a successful brand on Amazon.

If you truly want to make Amazon a significant distribution channel for your business, contact the Amazon experts at clickguru. With our guidance and support, you don’t have to let another year go by trying to conquer Amazon on your own while your competitors move further ahead. As Amazon marketing professionals, we make selling online easy and affordable. All you need to do is give us a call at 844.744.6649 or send us an email at, and we’ll walk you through the basics, which is a complementary part of our consultations.

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