The novel COVID-19 virus has disrupted our planet, our lives, and the way we do business more than anyone could have ever imagined. While every analyst and health care professional has a theory as to when everything will reset to normal, nobody has a crystal ball.

What we do know for sure is that the U.S. government is pouring over two trillion dollars of financial aid into the economy to bring it back on track, and that WILL happen. It’s just a matter of when. However, when the scare of the coronavirus is over, and the world goes back to work, it’s essential to make sure your small business is prepared to take market share and increase volumes of goods or services.

Currently, with the downdraft that is already gripping the global economy, there will be many small businesses that don’t survive. Similarly, there will be several small businesses that don’t pay attention to marketing efforts, which will hinder their ability to get back on track once the coronavirus gets under control, and business goes back to normal.

To help ensure your business does not fall into either of these camps, we recommend you invest in cost-effective and revenue-generating marketing initiatives. That’s because it’s essential for you to go back to basics.

If you’re wondering what we mean about going back to basics, we’re referring to getting to page one of Google and making your phone ring. It’s about making small investments now that are going to pay huge dividends in the short run and down the road.

While nearly every person in North America is at home, they are turning to Google for business referrals and recommendations now more than ever before. For food, groceries, and even services, people are looking to Google for suggestions on where they can go to get what they need during these trying times. Unfortunately, if your marketing strategy is weak, your chances of getting noticed on Google are next to none.

Fortunately, our team at clickguru can help get you ranked on page one of Google with more five star Google rankings, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), relevant blogs, social media posts, newsletter campaigns, and much more.

The Bottom Line

As marketing specialists, we observe how people react in the market to different brands and marketing techniques. Based on our research and understanding, we believe that while many small business owners are shellshocked today, the ones that aren’t and those that make the right decisions now, are the ones that will do well further ahead when this ordeal ends.

For more information and assistance with your online marketing needs, reach out to clickguru. We are a leading digital marketing company that designs promotional strategies to help small businesses grow. We offer our clients the tools they need to stand out online while also guiding them on the best ways to use these tools to achieve results.

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