As a website development and internet marketing firm across Toronto, Atlanta, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and surrounding areas, clickguru possesses an in-depth understanding of how things work and are driven to make you succeed and grow your business.

However, one of the primary reasons that we’ve been able to help small businesses grow has been the dawn of digital marketing. While for small businesses the internet may be intimidating, over the past couple of years, Google and Facebook have transformed the industry for online marketing. If you are a small business looking to gain wherewithal on the internet, these are the only two games in town.

Google and Facebook are essentially a duopoly for online advertising spend for both big and small business.

Google controls approximately 90% of the search engine market, so businesses all over the world scramble to pay Google for ads so they can beat out their competition and appear on page one. From these initiatives, Google had nearly $30 billion in revenue in 2017 alone. As the popularity of Google AdWords continues to surge, this number will continue to grow.

Facebook controls the other side of the online world, social media spend. Between Facebook and Instagram (a wholly-owned Facebook company), these two brands OWN the advertising world for social media. Advertisers pay Facebook over $50 billion to run ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram every year.

Together, the money spent on Google and search engine advertising and social media advertising is only going to increase, but none of this would have been possible if the founders of Google, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page as well as the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, chose to be safe investors. Brin, Page, and Zuckerberg were early adopters and made big bets that online advertising would be the wave of the future.

For instance, Google purchased YouTube and DoubleClick for a combined nearly $5 billion in the mid-2000s. Similarly, Facebook made a significant investment with the purchase of Instagram for $1B in 2012.

They figured that if you’re going to make it big, you need to bet big. While the bets they made were well-researched, thought out, and calculated, if you’re not willing to take risks, you’re not going to make it big.

Thanks to Brin, Page, and Zuckerberg and their respective enterprises of Google and Facebook, clickguru was born. All of our strategic initiatives to make small business money on the internet are focused on these two 1600 lb gorillas. If it weren’t for Google and Facebook, the digital marketing sphere and internet marketing world would look vastly different.

By understanding the work Brin, Page, and Zuckerberg did and how they function, clickguru has been able to put its own stamp on the market and become leaders in the field.

We can now create elegant websites at a fraction of the price of larger agencies, which makes us a revenue generator rather than a cost center. We use a handful of digital marketing tools to vault our customers to Page One of Google and also use a proprietary system for vendors to accelerate sales on

If you’re scouting for digital marketing services across Toronto, Atlanta, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and more, reach out to clickguru. Our mission is to help small businesses like yours grow, and we’re focused on your success.

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