Business owners know and understand that the best way to market any business online is to be found organically through a search at the top of Google’s search engine results pages. While you could also pay for Google Ads to get there, appearing at the top of the search pages organically is free and brings in tremendous amounts of traffic. However, getting to the top of the page requires a monumental undertaking.

One aspect that most business owners misunderstand is just how big a task Page One of Google is. At clickguru, we understand that there are certain fundamental building blocks in place that can either help you make rapid progress or stall your online growth. Knowing which path to take makes a huge difference in ensuring the success of your marketing plan.

Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client improve their business prospects with our digital marketing plan and tools.

The Challenge: Obtaining a steady flow of new business.

One of our clients, LAW IMM, a well-respected U.S. immigration law firm with nearly twenty-five years of pedigree, came to us upset about how all the marketing strategies they employed had almost no positive returns. They had a high spend on Google Ads with a low return on investment and struggled to gain any new clients through their online presence.

They approached us with the hope of using our expertise to help them gain some ground in the digital marketing sphere. Once they were onboard with us, we analyzed their strategies and found that a few of the main problems of the company were an outdated website, no social media presence, and not using any digital marketing tools. Due to these problems, the firm was not generating enough new business from Google or their website.

The Solution: Improving their web presence with an optimized website and digital marketing tools.

Based on our analysis of the problems they were facing, the digital services team at clickguru generated a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing strategy to conquer more customers on the internet. The plan included building an active blog, a robust social media presence, SEO, reputation management, and much more.

In getting our new strategy to show results, time was our biggest challenge. However, our client understood that the task at hand required building a sound presence on the internet and getting the business to Page One of Google does not happen overnight. They were patient, while we aggressively pushed to get them the results they deserved.

In accordance with our promise, after ninety days, LAW IMMwas easily found on Page One of Google for nearly a dozen keyword searches. We continue working with them to ensure they maintain their top spot and have a steady flow of new business.

The Bottom Line

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