Change is the only constant, and in the world of digital marketing and e-commerce, that adage holds truer. Every year, there are new features, trends, and changes in e-commerce and digital marketing.

Not reacting to these changes can lead to a loss of marketing power and market share to your competition. At clickguru, we can help ensure your business stays on track.

As the retail landscape continues to shift in favour of e-commerce, we see business across North America scrambling to get their products on Amazon but are not sure if they are doing it correctly.

Truth to be told, is a very complex system that offers a wide array of options to small businesses. For instance, there is “Vendor Central” and “Seller Central” with a host of differences between them.

Either due to a lack of information or a proper understanding of its functions, we often see businesses select “Vendor Central” which comes with promised orders from Amazon and a simple buy and sell program. Unfortunately, this is the wrong choice for most small companies.

To those clients who opt to set up e-commerce by themselves, we like to provide this analogy: “Would you try to conquer SEO on Google yourselves?” The answer is always a resounding “NO!” If that is the case, then why would you even consider battling Amazon’s heavy competition and complex algorithms alone? By doing so, you’re making it nearly impossible for your business to succeed.

The world of retail is changing. However, this is still an early innings for e-commerce and For businesses owners who believe they’ve missed the boat, we encourage them to think again. If you don’t get involved now, you will be further behind their competition in a year or two.

We understand that while selling on Amazon can be terribly frustrating and time-consuming, with the proper patience and professional guidance, it can be extremely rewarding and profitable.

As digital marketing specialists in Toronto, at clickguru, our passion is to help small business grow. If you have any questions about e-commerce, digital marketing or, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about the other services we offer, please click here

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