Boosting your rankings on Google largely depends on your ability to connect with your clients. If you’re wondering how your business can build this connection, the answer lies within your digital marketing strategy. By enhancing your SEO and updating your website with relevant content, you can catapult your business to the first page of Google search results.

However, when it comes to creating optimized content to attract clients, you need to produce posts that tackle their problems and also find a way to post regularly. Unfortunately, many businesses are unaware of these requirements and fail to effectively implement content marketing, which is vital for improved Google rankings.

To prevent this from happening to your business, clickguru has put together a list of five hacks to help you get better rankings on Google. Keep reading to know more!

1. Write a blog at least once a month.
Blogs don’t have to be six-page essays. They can be short and straightforward with relevant information, but new ones need to be posted regularly. That’s because Google views blogs as new pages on your website, which helps you rank better on the search engine. To ensure your website consistently appears at the top of the search engine results, every month, try writing a paragraph or two of meaningful content. Make sure it is content that your customers will enjoy reading. Once your clients start reading what you’ve written, your ranking on Google will reap the benefits.

2. Share relevant content on social media.
Did you see an interesting article on the internet that could add value to your clients? Feel free to share it on your social accounts, but avoid simply sharing the article with the hope that your clients will automatically pick up on its benefits. Instead, include a caption on the post that you are sharing. The real value addition for your readers is not about what an article says, but what your thoughts are on it. You are the expert in your field, and your clients trust you, so be confident and express your opinion. You can also provide a link to your website as more clicks always impress Google.

3. Publish valuable articles on your website.
To go one step further, when you include a caption to your favorite articles or publications, don’t just post the link and comment on Facebook and Instagram. You can turn it into a blog for your own website! How do you do this? Post the article you like along with your personal caption on your website. Both your viewers and Google will appreciate the effort, but remember to credit the source of your article to avoid conflicts and penalties from Google.

4. Share your customers’ testimonials.
If you have customer testimonials or reviews about your business, share them on your website. If you treat individual testimonials as blogs, you could increase your chances of showing up on Google search results. At the same time, imagine the effect your post will have on someone searching for a product or service online, and they find a five-star review of your business. Testimonials from actual clients encourage more clicks and more phone calls. We can’t emphasize enough on the power of great testimonials, so ensure you post them on your website whenever you receive one.

5. Continuously tweak your website content.
As your business changes and you offer new products and services, be sure to update your website regularly. Content and page additions are key ways to improving rankings on Google. The more you have, the better your rankings will be.

By following these five hacks, Google will start moving you up the search engine and may even take you to Page One. However, creating blogs, captioning articles, and tweaking website content regularly can be time-intensive and costly.

If you’re keen on incorporating these hacks into your business plan, entrust the marketing experts at clickguru to handle it for you. As experienced online marketing professionals, we have the knowledge and resources to get Google to recognize you and vault you to Page One of Google search results.

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