Frequently Asked Questions
By Dentists & Lawyers

What is internet marketing, and why is it important for my dental or law practice?
Internet marketing is a set of strategies and techniques to promote your services online. It’s crucial for expanding your online presence, attracting new clients, and staying competitive in the digital age.
How can your internet marketing service benefit my dental or law practice?
Clickguru’s proven digital marketing platform has been tried and tested by hundreds of dental clinic and law firm owners for over a decade. We can help increase your visibility, generate more leads, and improve your online reputation, ultimately driving more patients and clients to your practice.
What specific strategies does clickguru use in their internet marketing service?
We employ a variety of strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, content marketing, and reputation management, tailored to the unique needs of dental clinics and law practices.
How will you tailor your marketing approach to the dental or legal industry?
We understand the specific needs of dentists and lawyers and customize our strategies to target the right audience, create compelling content, and utilize platforms that are most effective for your industry.
Can clickguru help me with local marketing to attract clients in my area?
Yes, we specialize in local SEO and other techniques to ensure that potential patients and clients in your immediate area can easily find your practice online.
How do you measure the success of your internet marketing efforts?
At clickguru, we track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, conversion rates, and ROI. We provide regular reports to show the impact of our marketing strategies on your practice.
Do you provide ongoing support and updates to keep our marketing strategies effective over time?
Yes, the clickguru digital marketing team continually monitors and adjusts our strategies to ensure they remain effective in a changing online landscape. We provide ongoing support and updates to maximize results.
What sets clickguru’s internet marketing service apart from competitors?
Our experience working with dental and legal professionals, our commitment to staying updated with industry trends, and our personalized approach make us the ideal choice to meet your marketing needs.
Is there a long-term commitment required to use your service?
While we recommend a long-term strategy for the best results, we offer flexible contract options to meet your specific needs.
What kind of results can I expect from your internet marketing service in terms of client acquisition and revenue growth?
Results can vary, but our goal is to increase your online visibility, attract more leads, and ultimately drive growth in your client base and revenue.
Does clickguru have examples or case studies of how your service has helped other dentists and lawyers succeed online?

Yes, we have case studies and references from satisfied clients in the dental and legal industries who have seen significant improvements in their online presence and client acquisition through our services.

How do you handle negative reviews and online reputation management for my practice?
We have a proactive reputation management strategy that involves addressing negative reviews and encouraging positive ones to maintain a strong online reputation for your practice.
What is the cost of your internet marketing service, and how does pricing work?
Our pricing varies depending on the scope of your needs and the level of service you require. We offer competitive pricing packages that align with your budget. Please visit our pricing page for more information.
How can I get started with clickguru’s internet marketing service, and what's the onboarding process like?
To get started, simply reach out to us for a consultation and a complimentary website audit. We will assess your needs, develop a customized plan, and guide you through the onboarding process step by step.
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