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About clickguru

clickguru is a fully-integrated digital marketing business located in Toronto. We offer website and e-commerce design services along with a complete suite of digital marketing tools including SEO, blogging, and social media to land our small business customers on Page One of Google within 90 days. Our capabilities continue with logo design as well as Internet marketing on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Our software is also strong in assisting customers in growing their Amazon FBA businesses.

We have been operating in the e-commerce world since 2011, with the clickguru brand formed in 2015. We have customers all across North America, including Toronto, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Vancouver. We are in the infancy in our business trajectory. With 30 million small businesses in North America, only half currently have a website. For those who do, the majority are not using their websites for what they ultimately should be doing – make them money.

The clickguru Difference

At clickguru, we pride ourselves on providing the complete customer experience. We get excited about every project we work on, and our clients feel it. Our primary focus is to help small businesses grow at price points that meet any budget. No matter what industry or service, our proprietary digital marketing technology works.

When it comes to building an online presence, the two biggest mistakes small business owners make are 1. They spend their time using a DIY website builder, always ending in regret and the opportunity cost of lost sales. 2. They build a website with a bulge bracket marketing agency that costs them too much money and that none of their customers can find.

We change the landscape with a “do-it-for-you” website build and marketing platform that makes phones ring and adds to the bottom line.

Why do customers love clickguru’s “do-it-for-you” service?

  1. We do it all – under one platform. It is simply an unprecedented service – we build websites, all digital marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, email campaigns, social media, reputation management, and more.
  2. Price: we cater distinctly to small business, and our price points are well below the big branding and advertising agencies.

We are going to help change the landscape of Internet marketing in Toronto, Canada, and the US. Shopify has done a great job in paving the road for clickguru. Small business owners are waking up that they should not be building their own websites or handling their digital marketing themselves or across a handful of different channels.

To learn more about clickguru’s full range of services, please click here. To find out more about how we help grow your business online, please click here. If you have any questions about your small business’s website and digital marketing needs, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

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