Establishing a business is a big feat, but managing and maintaining it is a more significant challenge. Generally, small business owners struggle with limited resources. They often work round the clock, 365 days a year to help grow revenue and ensure operations are running smoothly. This includes meetings with new customers, managing employees, having an overview of finances, planning for the future, etc. Their to-do list is literally never-ending.

On the periphery of these main tasks is the crucial requirement of managing social media for their business. In this day in age, it’s essential that all small businesses have some level of social media involvement, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Sadly, the average small business owner does not have the time nor the wherewithal to post to social media actively. As a result, their clients and potential clients do not view them as active. The net result is that the opportunity cost of new leads is much higher, which is a common problem small businesses face when mastering social media.

Fortunately, there are two ways in which small business owners can overcome the constraints of social media management. The digital marketing experts at clickguru have explained each option in detail to help you make the right choice and become more successful in social media marketing.

Option #1
The first is to hire an expert internally to handle the task of finding relevant content and posting every week on social media accounts. But, the challenge with this option is that hiring a knowledgeable person is cumbersome and expensive.

Option #2
The second is to hire an external marketing firm to handle social media. However, as most digital marketing firms are generally expensive and are more geared towards larger companies, small businesses shy away from considering their services. But, with a bit of research, it is easy to find affordable digital marketing specialists that specifically cater to the needs of smaller businesses.

At clickguru, we cater to the digital marketing needs of small businesses. We help them build their presence on different online platforms to generate more revenue and reduce their cost of growth. In addition to posting to social media regularly, we also offer them add on services to enrich their businesses. We also write regular informative blogs for our clients, provide first-tier search engine optimization (SEO) results, help them obtain Google reviews, boost customer engagement through email campaigns, access analytics, and much more. And we do it all at a low monthly fee!

Moreover, our marketing services are initiated and controlled under a single platform to save time, money, and other resources. The result of our services is first-page Google rankings, more inbound leads, and more deals closed.

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