This New Year, vow to focus on building your online presence and acquiring new customers. However, like most resolutions, the inconsistency and lack of motivation can prevent you from accomplishing your goals. While you can either put in the hours and implement a specific marketing strategy for your business, hiring a trusted digital marketing expert will help save you time and allow you to pay attention to other vital aspects of your business.

As a trusted digital marketing firm, at clickguru, we are driven to help you succeed and to ensure you stay on top of your business goals, we have created a checklist for getting more online leads in 2020.

1. Write a blog every month
We are going to start with the most important item. While all of our checklist items are integral in getting to page one of Google, writing a monthly blog is paramount. Google will recognize that you are building your website and will reward you with better rankings. Also, providing relevant original content to your potential customers will get you more clicks.

2. Send out newsletters

You have a database of customers and emails – use them! Write a newsletter, at least once every other month. Stay in front of your competitors with relevant info on new products and services and other interesting info. It works!

3. Be active on social media
While it may be daunting, it is important for your small business to be active on social hubs – namely Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus (yes Google Plus), LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Posting to these mediums weekly allows you to stay in front of your clients and potential leads. In the 2020s, this will be more relevant than ever.

4. Make Google your friend
Google is the biggest referral of business on the planet – get them to love your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are tools that will get millions of eyeballs on your products or services every day. To boot, they don’t have to be time consuming and expensive.

5. Monitor your monthly progress
See what moves the needle. Try different tactics. See what works!

If this seems overly daunting, get in touch with us for a no-charge consultation. At clickguru, we’re always happy to point small businesses in the right direction. As a complete online digital marketing platform in Toronto, we offer online reputation management, social media marketing, website analysis, search engine optimization, email campaigns, and blog writing.

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